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Introducing our Solo Queue Lol Tier List which provides League of Legends players like YOU with insight on the champions you should be playing this patch to have an advantage on others and to ultimately win in Ranked Solo Queue and climb up on the ranking ladders. These are the best champions you should be playing in the current meta of League of Legends.Our Ranked LOL Tier Solo Queue List includes the best champion ban choices you should make this patch.

Solo Queue Tier List

This LoL tier-list is made with the assumption that you commit to playing the champion for atleast 10 to 20 games based on the champion’s difficulty and that you also look up people that are playing the champions at a high ranks and also research all the proper build orders and builds with the champions you’re playing. Keep in mind, that if a few champions are missing, it is because we don’t think that there is a point in putting them on the list or that it’s too unique to accurately term where it fits in.

ADC LOL Tier List

These champions are striving as the best to moderately good in their role as an ADC. Pick up the S tier or A tier ones to have a good game and use your advantages you gain from playing these champions. Playing B Tier champions would be harder to carry on compared to the other tiers, but with enough experience and knowledge on them you can do fine in those as well.


Twitch, Ashe, Jinx, Draven, Caitlyn, Xayah, Sivir, Ezreal, Kai’Sa, Cassiopeia, Vayne, Mordekaiser, Karthus, Quinn, Varus, Veigar, Ziggs


Tristana, Kog’Maw, Yasuo, Brand, Kalista, Swain, Jayce, Heimerdinger, Vladimir


Kennen, Corki, Graves, Urgot


Twisted Fate


These junglers on the list are able to do well in their role in the current meta with the tiers defining how good they are. You should be able to do well easier with higher tier champs. We wrote detailts guide about lol tier list of jungle.


Graves, Jax, Elise, Taliyah, Evelynn, Camille, Rammus, Kindred, Nocturne, Shaco, Nidalee, Ivern, Ekko, Udyr, Warwick, Nunu, Wukong, Rengar, Lee Sin


Master Yi, Trundle, Maokai, Aatrox, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo, Skarner, Rek’Sai, Zac, Vi, Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Olaf, Cho’Gath, Hecarim, Gragas, Quinn, Amumu, Volibear, Pantheon, Karthus, Twitch

Tier 3

 Pyke, Neeko, Poppy, Fizz, Galio, Kayle, Malphite, Sion, Nautilus, Diana, Rumble, Riven, Talon, Tryndamere, Kled, Mordekaiser, Irelia, Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench, Kog’Maw

Tier 4

Nasus, Gangplank, Fiora, Shen, Darius, Zed, Aurelion Sol, Garen, Alistar, Yorick

Top Lane LOL Tier List

Top Lane meta has made these champions come up and down in their respective tiers. Pick the higher tier champions to have an easy game and to have good impact in game as well. Lower tier champs can be played with success with enough experience on them.

Tier 1

Garen, Teemo, Darius, Yorick, Illaoi, Aatrox, Camille, Jayce, Kayle, Renekton, Quinn, Wukong, Singed, Gangplank, Kled, Malphite, Poppy, Jarvan IV, Fiora, Jax, Cassiopeia, Viktor, Rumble, Lissandra, Riven, Akali

Tier 2 

Irelia, Tryndamere, Swain, Volibear, Yasuo, Vladimir, Olaf, Nasus, Maokai, Shen, Gnar, Karma, Heimerdinger, Ornn, Cho’gath, Dr. Mundo, Malzahar, Kennen, Talon, Galio, Trundle, Gragas, Nautilus, Mordekaiser, Fizz, Ekko, Rammus, Rengar, Tahm Kench, Graves, Diana, Kassadin

Tier 3

 Udyr, Sejuani, Shaco, Zed, Ryze, Vayne, Lulu, Xin Zhao, Nunu, Rek’Sai, Karthus, Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, Vi, Shyvana

Tier 4

Blitzcrank, Taliyah, Alistar, Leblanc

MID Lane LOL Tier List

These champions are doing a great job in mid lane currently. They have their specific strengths that make them strong. Utilize those strenths like being able to roam and aid other lanes and team members with Taliyah and Twisted Fate. Other champions have their specific reasons to their roles in tierlist mainly depending on how well they can impact the game thus putting them in different positions in the tier list.

Tier 1

Katarina, Twisted Fate, Fizz, Annie, Ekko, Anivia, Lissandra, Lux, Orianna, Talon, Veigar, Ziggs, Vel’Koz, Neeko, Leblanc, Zoe, Karthus, Zed, Zilean, Irelia, Cassiopeia, Vladimir, Xerath


Tier 2

Akali, Swain, Brand, Yasuo, Aurelion Sol, Aatrox, Wukong, Diana, Viktor, Karma, Corki, Jayce, Azir, Gangplank, Syndra, Taliyah, Morgana, Galio, Kennen, Kayle, Gragas, Heimerdinger

Tier 3

Ezreal, Lucian, Zyra, Ryze, Kog’Maw (AP), Cho’Gath, Pantheon, Quinn, Nasus, Lulu, Mordekaiser, Sona, Varus, Urgot, Teemo, Jarvan IV, Jhin, Riven, Sion, Fiddlesticks, Malphite,

Tier 4

Master Yi, Janna, AP Kaisa

Support LOL Tier List

The current meta for supports are disengagers and mages ever since the nerf to tank supports. Few of them are still extremely good and others are in a fine state. This tier list has taken all of it into consideration and segregated them accordingly.

Tier 1

Janna, Nami, Rakan, Brand, Alistar, Sona, Zyra, Soraka, Morgana, Pyke, Braum, Bard, Taric,

Tier 2

Lulu, Lux, Vel’Koz, Shen, Neeko, Fiddlesticks, Sion, Karma, Zilean, Nautilus, Xerath, Tahm Kench, Zoe, Maokai

Tier 3

Poppy, Teemo, Malzahar, Galio, Cho’Gath, Camille, Trundle, Annie, Volibear, Malphite, Shaco, Veigar, Gragas, Nunu, Kayle, Leblanc, Kennen

Tier 4

Miss Fortune, Pantheon, Ashe, Anivia, Lee Sin, Gangplank, Orianna, Lissandra


Recommended Champions TO Play In This LOL Tier List Patch


Xayah and Rakan

Moving on to ADC,  we are under the impression that Xayah & Rakan together are an S-tier duo but individually do lose their power to a lower lol tier, we also feel Xayah and Rakan are very under-appreciated right now, especially in the lower ranks, and their duo dynamic  is something that players which a lot of people should be using and abusing more, so if you’re duoing with someone at moderately low ranks and want to climb easily, definitely look to pick up Xayah and Rakan, especially with some of the techniques, some of the koreans have come up with, like going exhaust-ignite on Rakan level 1 with spellbook and just looking for those early Xayah-Rakan cheeses.


Some old buffs from a few patches ago made Jinx quite viable as well, making her better at 1 to 2 items because of the ranks in her q, for a crit champion that’s really good for her, she is an easy to play champion, she has high range, she offers good waveclear with runaans when Riot is nerfing waveclear, and clean up from her passive giving her way more gold out of fights if she’s already winning them.

Draven and Miss Fortune

Draven and Miss Fortune both have a similar story for doing good right now, the game’s are a little bit quicker, and these are AD carries who can actually dominate their lane and bully their opponent and turn that into a win pretty early on, it’s kind of like if they get ahead, their damage output is way too much to handle, it spikes way too much, and it can get messy really fast, Conqueror is another big reason, or probably the biggest reason, it is so good on these 2 champions, for ranged champions, Conqueror is not active for very long so you have to use it quickly and the good part about both of these is they can both dish out their damage while it’s active and really abuse the additional damage and converted true damage. Miss Fortune is also very lower rank friendly because of her poke and her ultimate from range not making her to get as close.


Caitlyn’s ability to win easily and then transition that lead into taking objectives is bar none the highest of any ADC right now. She also has one of the strongest late games, making her the embodiment of “win lane, win game”. She is a very safe laner  with the range she has, and can make favourable trades frequently and poke out the enemy if played right.


Kai’sa is still pretty busted at the moment, her upgraded Q does tons of damage, and her mid to late game is insane, the ability to be able to poke someone from very far using her W is very good as well, and with good AP ratios it does a really good amount of damage, her itemization make it so her abilities scale extremely well and upgrade to a superior version making her a good champion to play in this patch.


Annie is very good in terms of having a lane kingdom, she is a safe champion to easily farm with and from a safe distance, without running into mana issues, and also can make good engages to assist the jungler while they gank, she is definitely a champ worth picking in mid who are looking to climb very quickly and improving at the game while you’re at it.

Leblanc’s winrate and banrate have been increasing day by day in patch 8.24


, being banned in over 50% of the games at the moment, it is safe to say the new-old Leblanc is a really good pick again, one point that we are remembering is that how fast she can kill people now like a true assassin, compared to how she was after the rework, before she had to set up a timer with her marks, but now that it has been reverted, she can just burst-combo in less than a second and disappear.

As games are being a bit quicker, Cassiopeia is dominating the games, a big part of this is the change in her build, we’re not going double scaling items on her anymore since the game is a bit too fast, now it’s Archangels into Rylais and then Liandrys afterwards, skipping the Rod of Ages which was a staple on her previously, this makes it so she gets her power and strengths faster instead of waiting and scaling into the late game, making her getting her other damage items like Deathcap faster. This makes Cassiopeia a top-tier pick if you can play her.


Graves is a top 5 winrate champion in Korea right now, and increasing more around the world as he is being played on this patch more and more everyday. He did get a few buffs, but combined with the nerfs to tabis and tank items like Cinderhulk and other staples for tank junglers and now we are picking things with a lot lower health as we aren’t really in a tank meta anymore, all of that means that Graves can pop off and just kill everybody around him, he’s a really high damage pick. He is good at farming so he’s going to get a lot of items, he does a ton of damage, so he can do significant work in ganks and this meta is making a full circle back to when he was a  really good pick.

Jungle Tier List

Let’s talk about Trundle as well, we feel he is a very underrated choices here as well to pick out there and win a game and grind some LP with. He is 100% so hard to play against and will win you a lot of games. First off, he abuses a very strong item which is Zeke’s Convergence, he will glue to people, healing and being more tanky, and the whole time he is going to boost the AD Carry’s damage with that burn, Zeke’s can provide a massive damage boost when used properly and is really under-rated. The new build that we’re looking at his mostly his Cinderhulk that makes him more annoying and even harder to kill, he’s basically like Mao’kai in the jungle who would just be a tank support, Trundle is the new generation of this, he can gank very well, he can disrupt enemy’s movement with his pillars but most importantly he will be there to soak all the damage as a frontline support for your AD Carry.


Kha’zix is still the most banned jungler in the game. After the recent changes to him, his damage if he finds you alone is even higher now and that probably makes everything worse, his stealth is obviously something most people can’t deal with, it’s very annoying and Kha’zix can carry really hard mid to late game by finding his opponents alone and stealthing around to pick them off. That is why Kha’zix is pick or ban for such a long time, he can use any leads he gets very well, he can use the damage he has and can keep carrying throughout the whole game.


Ever since Volibear has received a lot of love, he has been making a pretty triumphant return and he’s gonna be a champion that you want to pick up at lower ranks and can go all they way up until the highest of ranks where we genuinely believe he does start to fall off. But he’s a nice champion that we are recommending that people can begin to actually give a little bit of time to. He’s a simple champ with tankiness to build and a fun champ over all for the lower ranks to do well and climb fast.


Supports have shifted around a lot more and it’s mostly back to enchanters and mages now, the tanks have really gotten boned in 8.24 and champions like Nami, Janna, Zyra and Morgana are flourishing right now.

Support Tier List


Nami has actually dethroned Janna as the highest winrate support in 8.24 for the first time in ages, she offers a lot more playmaking and damage than Janna does so normally you should be fighting and getting kills a lot more. She can put out a lot of damage while healing and is able to out-trade in most short trades for the same reason. Her teamfight impact might not be massive like Lulu but in the early skirmishes, it will still be absolutely amazing, her heal is gonna help if you have a bad AD Carry, and help them trade and also helps in punishing bad AD Carries in the enemy team and you can adapt and fight with more aggressive AD Carries and you can protect passive players as well.


Zyra is a champion that received a lot of help with the itemization changes and also the runes that came in Season 8.24. We think that people aren’t giving her as much credit as a support as she should be receiving and we do think that she’s definitely a champion that you should look into, if you’re looking to catch your opponents off-guard, it’s so hard to win a 2v2 against a good Zyra or even gank that lane unless you can lock her down, she obviously does have a downside where she dies instantly if she gets caught because she is quite squishy but definitely brings more damage than most supports and enables you to carry games from support role as basically a second AP carry.


With the rise of Janna comes the rise of Sona. Sona struggles against engage champions but flourishes when other Enchanters become meta. She scales the best out of all the Supports and other Enchanters simply can’t put enough pressure on her during lane phase to prevent her inevitable scaling. Her winrate in the early game is awful due to the changes she got previously, but she scales extremely well as the game progresses and helps the entire team with her AOE heals and damage amplification and applying Ardent Censor.


Let’s take a look at Darius, he is a champion that is actually in a lot better state now than he was before, his strength has definitely improved with buffs over the last few patches and with the release of Conqueror compared to before. He is a very lane-dominant champion, and has control over the lane if he is able to play it right, also having high ad ratios and high numbers make him a very strong and oppressive champ during laning phase.

Top Tier List


Bringing in champions that have a healthy laning phase, let’s talk about Swain, his skills are pretty basic and he does offer the ability to waveclear pretty easily,  his ultimate is still kind of like his old ultimate, and that being said if players don’t respect it’s power and damage, which they likely won’t in lower ranks, Swain can definitely be problematic.


So in regards to Swain, let’s talk about the champion that is almost always seen with him in the top lane lol tier, and that’s Vladimir, Vladimir is a champion that we think is extremely strong, he has good itemization right now with the recent changes to AP items, he has a lot of good matchups and we think that he’s pretty forgiving even at low ranks. Some of his combos and engages could be pretty difficult to pull off but even still he’s very forgiving because of his scalings to later stages of the game to the game and you should definitely look to pick him up if you want to play an AP carry in the top lane.

Let’s also talk about Sion, who has been popping off now for quite some time even in the highest of ranks. With the new runes that came out in season 8, Sion has been actually causing a lot of chaos in top lane, he’s a champion that’s really safe, he can bully extremely hard and it’s just really difficult to play against him for opponents and can be really frustrating. He’s a champion that you should definitely be looking into, if you’re looking for a tank to play up in top lane that is virtually impossible to lose the lane with.

We have a lot of AD champions and bruisers out there at the moment especially since Conqueror was introduced, even after the tabi nerfs, Malphite has come to the same level as a Sion, the reason isn’t anything special apart from the fact that, he’s is known truly as an AD counter and there are many AD champions for him to smack. A lot of champions like Fiora or Jax or Riven can really struggle against him. What you’re really looking to pick him against is AD champions and auto-based, as you slow their attack speed significantly.

Irelia and Camille

Irelia seems to be quite popular and also doing well at the same time. Definitely seems a lot better, once you get out of lane and get a few items but Camille is definitely the best carry bruiser in 8.24 or very close, good damage, good burst and can really carry  and her roams are good.


With the recent AP itemization changes, it has definitely helped out Mordekaiser in a big way in recent patches and made him a good and strong lane kingdom champion in the lower MMRs, he is also this champion that’s really simple and very oppressive, if you take some time to learn him and his rotations inside of a game, learn how to properly build him, and then learn how to play out and bully some of his matchups, he is going to be a champion that will probably get you a lot of wins just because people don’t respect his ghost or his heal.


Singed is an early game machine, out of this world on his own up there at the top, his winrate does lower as the game goes on, but games are faster on average on this patch, so he’s going to be better. But it’s also Shurelya’s Reverie, the support item, it’s a better damage item version of Righteous Glory, it does a similar job but just more AP and lets him be more of a beast.


The buffs in the 8.24 patch notes feel more geared to make her more viable in the top lane. The E mana reduction matters more in lane where she doesn’t have access to blue buff. Her passive shield and Q CD are also more helpful in making trades than jungle clears. She has good poke, gank assist, 1v1 potential, and escapes and we can see her early game being a lot more accessible with the changes.

Missing Champions

You might be wondering, where’s Ryze? Where’s Azir? And where are other champions like this. We don’t think that Azir is a champion that a player is going to pilot in 10-20 games and somehow have that champion be more useful or better than some of the other champions on this list.

We acknowledge that Azir is one of the best champions in the game and a staple in pro-play but don’t think he belongs in solo-queue, obviously the same thought process is going for Ryze, Ryze is a champion that you really have to know how you’re playing the lane, how to bully? how to space? how to zone? How to do all of these things to really tap into Ryze’s power and make him the monster that he is. So, even though, he received some love with the new midlane mage items, we don’t think he’s the champion you want to be picking especially over some of the champions on this LOl list unless you literally have a lot of games on these champions and have spent and dedicated a good amount of time in learning how these champions play, their strong points, their weaknesses, and how to use their strengths.

Other champions that are missing from this tier list, again as we mentioned at the very beginning, either they are way too difficult to accurately determine where we should have placed them in on the list or we just don’t think they are as good as other champions available and we didn’t want to completely water down the League of Legends tier list by including tons of champions. We took plenty of time in making this list and have referenced to other challenger player’s lists to look into and make a very authentic one. A lot of the end conclusions on some champions that you’re just not seeing basically came down to why even pick that champion if this champion is already here.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you found the LOL Tier list(League of Legends tier List) helpful and were able to understand our reasoning behind the same, we really hope this helps you in improving your league rank and getting ahold of the meta quickly. Thank you for reading!

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