In Jungle lol tier list review, we will analyze and find out what makes a few of these champions so strong in the current meta and why they hold so high in the tiers.

Jungle is one of the five positions you can play in League of Legends. Unlike other roles, the jungler will kill the jungle monsters to gain XP and gold. The jungler is known to gank and aid other lanes and help them catch off enemy laners who may have misstepped and help in killing them to give your teammate an advantage.Here is the list we will be using today from our main site,  Tier List.

Jungle Tier List

The jungle tier list presented here consists of the current junglers which are in a good position and can perform well in your games based on their tier mentioned below. You can check out the main page for tier lists on other roles to know what champions are dominating in other lanes like Midlane and ADC and potentially learn the meta of all the lanes to synergize with your jungle pick.

Tier 1

Graves, Jax, Elise, Taliyah, Evelynn, Camille, Rammus, Kindred, Nocturne, Shaco, Nidalee, Ivern, Ekko, Udyr, Warwick, Nunu, Wukong, Rengar, Lee Sin

Tier 2

Master Yi, Trundle, Maokai, Aatrox, Shyvana, Dr. Mundo, Skarner, Rek’Sai, Zac, Vi, Jarvan IV, Sejuani, Olaf, Cho’Gath, Hecarim, Gragas, Quinn, Amumu, Volibear, Pantheon, Karthus, Twitch

Tier 3

 Pyke, Neeko, Poppy, Fizz, Galio, Kayle, Malphite, Sion, Nautilus, Diana, Rumble, Riven, Talon, Tryndamere, Kled, Mordekaiser, Irelia, Fiddlesticks, Tahm Kench, Kog’Maw

Tier 4

Nasus, Gangplank, Fiora, Shen, Darius, Zed, Aurelion Sol, Garen, Alistar, Yorick

 Solo Queue Tier List

Tier 1 Jungle Tier Champions

Here we discuss on the best champions to play in the patch 8.24, and what makes them strive to become the top picks.


The first champion we have in the S tier list is none other than Kha’zix. Kha’zix was pretty much permanently banned last patch. He is able to one-shot kill squishies and play around his evolved R. But this patch with increased isolation damage and Q buffs, he could do huge chunks of damage to tanks as well. The extra damage your W does to camps was removed which does slow down his clear speed a bit, which is fine since it was compromised with bonus damage elsewhere. However, due to lack of clear speed, we have noticed some people go Tiamat after the Warrior Enchantment so you may have to do that as well. But, overall still one of the best junglers in the game by far.

Best ADC


Warwick has been redeemed overpowered by several high ranking junglers and also laners who are frustrated to play against him. But despite this, he has still to receive a single nerf to his kit. Since season 7, he was in a pretty good spot, and now with the rune changes he has definitely come to a better spot obviously. He can also do super well and do tons of damage without having to prioritize on any damage items. Celerity and waterwalking just synergizes so well with his kit. He has percent-health damage, and he is tanky, he has the ability to deal suppression. He does everything you want as a jungler, his clear-speed is good. He can lifesteal a lot, and he’s the perfect jungler with a kit to offer everything.


We were debating as to whether he belongs in S tier or A tier, but ultimately decided him to place him in S tier. But we think for Solo Queue, he is definitely a bit weaker compared to the competitive scene. You do have to change up your playstyle a little bit when you’re playing Trundle jungle in Solo Queue. So a tip that we have regarding his playstyle is we would not recommend going the Zeke’s Convergence build unless your AD Carry gets ahead in the early game. You can do really well in Trundle Solo Queue Jungle by just building him with a more damage oriented build, the most common setup for that is  just going for Cinderhulk and going for a Titanic Hydra or a Trinity Force, it just really depends on the game and you really wanna switch up your build and get a few defensive items too and soak up all of the enemy’s damage and frontline the team fight for your team as a tank too. Overall, Trundle jungle is great with Press The Attack, he is able to proc it extremely quick with his Q and can outduel almost every jungler easily early game. He does fall off a little bit late game since he can get kited easily but you can use your pillar and other abilities around peeling for your team rather and help in getting turrets with his W which is one of best tower-destroying abilities for a jungler.


Graves is now in such a good state that he is picked or banned in most games. He rose up last patch and still continues to shine. It’s so difficult to play against him right now and he’s one of the best farmers, damage dealers and gold earners in the game for jungle which is a pretty brutal combo. He also just does not die that often to make it even worse and harder to catch mistakes from his side. Having those health buffs recently, he gets pretty tanky. The main thing about Graves is that, faster farming allows him to spend more time ganking than most of the junglers and being more active on the map which also leads to more items which just ultimately leads to him staying ahead of the game pace  and has more items and damage than the others. It is kind of the damage that he creates with a lead is a rule-bender, he doesn’t even need his laners to do anything when he ganks, he can kill them by himself.


Kayn has been getting back in the picture a bit with recent changes and has been a fan favourite ever since his release. The strength of Kayn now is that you can transform much more earlier so do look for a bit more of early game pressure and once you have that early transformation you can have a bigger impact.

Top Tier List

Tier 2 Jungle Tier Champs

Here we discuss on the champions that are in a good spot to play in the patch 8.24 and as good as S tier but clearly not the best or not as popular as the above.


Shaco is one of the strongest early game junglers in the game and has very creative pathing. He can start either of the buffs depending on which lane you want to snowball and because he has a ton of snowball potential as he takes ignite. The changes to Oracles Lens in this patch also helps a lot of these early game junglers because it helps Shaco a ton in pulling out these early successful ganks and killing the opponent laner so now he doesn’t have to care as much if he’s running over wards or not since the oracle’s would disable it for him while he goes in for a gank.

Xin Zhao

He’s becoming more top tier lately as patches go through, sometimes he can look useless though. For example, when he gets behind or his team does and you can’t really jump in, other times he’s really broken though, his buzz is insane. He can gank really well, he farms well and it’s that ultimate he has.. Unlike a lot of other melee carry champions, he can actually dive into a fight and survive pumping out that damage he has from items. AD Carries can’t even do much to him till later either, they have to get really close and it’s not safe. He can catch people, he can outjungle, he can win in a 1v1 scenario almost always, he can gank people, he can farm, he can do it all. The only trade off is that he will fall off as you get into the game more.


Her W has received some buffs making her viable and in a good spot again after a good period of time. There have been AP ratios added as well, 20% on the first swing and 60% on the second swing flay. Her freeze from E Permafrost has also gained the ability to freeze medium monsters, super-minions and siege minions, and probably the biggest buff of all, it has no cooldown now. Adding to this, it’s base damage has been increased and it’s AP ratio has been doubled from 30% to 60%. There are two ways to look into this, so her clear-speed has definitely become a lot better as you’ve got no cooldown on your freeze now, and the second part, the crazier part, is that you can have a silly amount of AP now pumped into your abilities now. This is probably one of the craziest and most relevant changes to have happened and it made Sejuani, a better jungler, more viable in other roles like Top Lane and probably even Middle and Support. She will definitely have a fun AP build to look into, and maybe even meta if it proves to be strong with the amount of AP thrown in. You should expect her to do a lot of damage because those ratios are really good and so it will be more bursty as well, which will be very noticable in her full combo.



Jax is basically Season 6 Elise. He has good crowd-control, he can duel anyone level 3 if played properly, he can dive people early game as well. Press The Attack is definitely the preferred rune on Jax jungle, you provide your team more damage and you don’t split push very often as Jax jungle, and you’re more focused on teamfights. He has a plenty of good perks making him a good jungler like – he has good damage, good clear speed, good initiation and he can just absorb a lot of damage as well with his ultimate wihch makes him a great jungler.

Mid Tier list


Rengar is back in a good state as a jungler, but also has a higher skill cap than he used to have, definitely way more successful with higher elo players than he is in lowe elos. He as an incomparable snowball potential and his passive Bonetooth Stacking as well his ultimate does an insane amount of damage if you are even remotely ahead. You definitely need to be aware of matchups as well as have a good pathing if you intend to play him.

Lee Sin

Let’s talk about the world’s most popular jungler Lee Sin, he’s there if you want to play him, he got buffs to recently to help him out which gave him a bit more damage. High skill-capped, very flashy, very fun, but if you’re not very invested and well-versed in him and are trying to accomplish something like a goal rank like get to Platinum, or get to Gold then he’s not really the champion that you are looking for. But he’s definitely very rewarding if you can maximise his playstyle.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is probably the best jungler you can play right now in 8.24 and to think that he was finally getting worse over the last few patches and then to come out this strong. First up, jungle changes, Xin lives to fight people and early game and that is what this jungle change kind of did improvise for him. This patch literally made his dream come true, people literally run into him trying to get the scuttle crab away from him or secure it for themselves and that is 100% what he wants, he’s just gonna kill you. Not only is he going to smack you up afterwards, but he will also take the scuttle and gain more gold and make that trade even worse for you. Also, it might not be as much of a buzz in your region, but Koreans play with Phase Rush normally and that also got a good buff in 8.24 making him much better early to mid game which again is where the scuttle crab fights happen. He can farm decently well, he can put up a good fight but he can take the crab very quickly with his knock-up as well. It’s kind of like when Xin is a busted early game jungler and you make the jungle all about early game, this is just what’s gonna happen. Statistics also support that he is the best jungler in any game before 20 minutes right now and he is decent mid game. The game has just really changed to be perfect for Xin, his keystone was buffed  as well, and this game is exactly what Xin wants to be in where he can find more fights and get more leads from it.


Kindred have been buffed by Riot for 3 consecutive patches now so it’s no real surprise. This patch the W now heals again which massively improves their clearing in the jungle. So that’s going to mean that they can fight a bit more easily with more health. They can gank more as well, so it’s more what comes from having more health in the jungle if that makes sense. At the moment, Kindred has a really good early game after the changes, at least in Korea which probably means they were over buffed a little bit considering how well Kindred scales with stacks and that’s kind of the whole point of the champion. Now you have good damage, you have good dueling, good control in the jungle for crabs and objectives and you can contest all of that a lot more. The heal was Kindred’s kit originally but it was removed because it was a bit too powerful and Kindred was too strong, she was dominating the jungle and now funnily enough, it has been put back in. She’s going to be good again.


Skarner would have been a S-tier pick in a couple of previous patches, he’s just not as good because of the current meta where we’re seeing a lot of disengagers like Janna and Lulu. Tank supports got nerfed in this patch as well so this has definitely made it a lot harder for Skarner to pull off ganks against them.

Tier 3 Jungle Tier Champs

These champs are in a fine state to play with but harder to do well than the other choices mentioned above, they can definitely still carry the game if you play them well enough.

Master Yi

Master Yi is definitely a very strong pick right now. The Bloodrazor Enchantment and Guinsoo’s rageblade combo on Master Yi just gives him an insanely good mid-game power spike and if the enemy team does not have a lot of crowd control to lock him down then he can just completely take over a game. But like the Skarner pick he definitely struggles a lot against those disengage champions just because he needs get up close and needs to auto-attack to deal most of his damage. So, blind-picking Yi is definitely not the best decision, especially in the higher ranks but he can definitely be a good strong champion in the lower elos.


Wukong is definitely one of the really good junglers out there in 8.24. He’s able to deal really well with the new jungle changes apparently and he likes fighting more which was the incentive of this hange anyway, you pick this champion to kill people than anything else. He scales with items insanely well and his winrate spikes at 3+ items more than anything else, which is not really that normal for a jungler. We are going around 40 lethality or Armor Penetration anyways and also picking up Mobility Boots in situations when we are ahead so you can move around the map a bit more and have better presence and you can stealth in longer distances with the bonus movement speed and actually get on top of somebody before the duration of your stealth ends. It’s actually been getting better for him since the Tabi nerfs a few patches ago, so it isn’t just now where he is a good choice but has been moving up further. He does decently well early game and does have a lot of damage and can outplay people with his stealth and other shenanigans. But teamfights are really what you want and where Wukong shines, you jump in and activate your duskblade on somebody then you use your ultimate and it is game over. They will most likely insta-die. One of the reasons we really mention Wukong right now is because he is such a good low-elo jungler right now, a true carry jungler as well who is a ton better in 8.24. His winrates since this patch dropped in Korea has been the highest every single day in Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you’re looking to do a bit more of an impact in a game yourself, Wukong will help you carry and do that 100%.


After having a couple of buffs throughout patches this year, Nocturne has returned to the rift in a good state. However, he still suffers from the same downside that he is a dive champion, and if you don’t get ahead you’re simply launching yourself into the enemy team and you get blown up especially if the enemy team is filled with tanks and crowd control.


Rek’sai is still a pretty strong and unique champion with different pathings. She is an early and mid game focused jungler and the usage of tunnels, as well as auto-cancels and smooth rotations, is important in her success which is why still recommended in B-tier. But it’s more of how to close out games quickly with Rek’sai as well as using your tunnels and pathing to exert insane amount of pressure on specifically bot lane, over the wall ganking is what makes Rek’sai a more difficult pick compared to others.

Final Words:

This was an analysis done on jungle tier list champions to evaluate their positions in the tier list and to find out the reason why they hold their place. Hope you understood and learned something new from this, as that is our main goal here to help you understand more about this game and to improve through knowledge. Thank You For Reading!