Let’s check out why a few of these ADC champions in our tier list are doing so well and how they are being so dominant in this meta, you should definitely consider picking some of these up in your games to carry your games pretty hard!

ADC is one of the five positions you can play in League of Legends. An ADC stays in the botlane with a support being the only duo lane in the whole game of league. A champion in the ADC needs to have good waveclear abilities, high damage and good abilities to peel for itself to be viable in the current state of the game, they play their lane with a support champion which aids them in the lane until they are strong enough, they have the most impact in the game right now without doubt and can carry the game insanely hard if fed and depending on how good you play!. Here is the list we will be using today from our main site, league of legends tier list.

ADC LOL Tier List

The ADC tierlist shown below will give you an oulook on what champions are doing great and can help you win easily in your games if you play well! You can check out the main page for tier lists on other roles to know what champions are dominating in other lanes like Toplane and Midlane and know what is happening in the other lanes so you can make a pick to synergize along with the team.

S TIER [God Tier]

S(Tier 1): kaisa, Ezreal, Lucian, Kogmaw, Varus, Mordekaiser

A TIER [Strong]

A(Tier 2): Tristana, Jhin, Deaven, Miss Fortune, Varus, Caitlyn, Twitch, Xayah

B TIER [Good]

B(Tier 3): Ashe, Vayne, Sivir, Jinx

S LOL Tier Champions

Let’s discuss on the best adc laner picks of patch 8.11.


Twitch is an incredible pick this patch and has been a good pick almost always even after receiving some nerfs a couple patches ago. His kit is extremely unique for an top ADC tier list and making him one of the most dominant playstyles later into the game if played right.His laning phase is not as strong some other champs but farming it up for the inevitable powerspikes later on into the game is much more valuable. Also since tank meta has settled down a bit, atleast in junglers, Twitch gets to focus a build path purely on crit and damage and doesnt have to detour to get an armor pen item until the very end. Ultimate Twitch is a very skill-reliant champion and you can only abuse his strengths if you are a good ADC player skilled enough to play him.

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Kai’sa came out as an extremely weak champion, but was buffed out very hard making her the highest winrate champ at one point of the patch. Even after receiving a few deserved nerfs, Kai’sa is still an insanely strong champ, and after a couple of items is probably strong enough to 1v1 any ADC if they are in same standing, her 5 hit passive which stacks with CC is also extremely helpful to let her dish out tons of damage in teamfights. And her mobility is insane and very frustrating to play against in most cases, she has a dash which could be used in an extremely long range to catch an enemy or to just reposition in teamfights from a sticky place. Meanwhile her other ability allowing her to boost her movement speed for a short time and then giving her an attack speed boost. With enough attack speed, she gains invisibility while zooming through. Kai’sa’s other abilities also have extremely strong scalings and let her contribute a lot of damage in teamfights not only AD but even a bit of AP making her deal good mixed damage.



The Mordekaiser craze that is sweeping the entire Korean server, especially because of it’s popularity in LCK as well. We’ve seen it a bunch of times in several pro matches, they’ve been playing it all the time and now it is spreading. Now of course we’re talking about Mordekaiser as a botlaner so it takes the AD Carry role and is an exceptionally good early game champion for botlane, pretty much ignores the enemy AD Carry and sustains through everything you can hit him with and then he kills you. Seems like it’s a bit exaggerated but honestly it’s quite true. Like they normally run double targon’s brace for this anyways, so they have the double sustain there then he runs guardian, bone plating and chrysalis for more damage absorption and also revitalize for more healing, and even ninja tabis on top of that. He’s going to look to build health first with Rylais which also grants the slow. He becomes a very hard to kill botlaner and is not difficult for him to kill you either. Your strongest point is definitely early game to mid game, you abuse the lead that you get in laning phase. You kill the enemy AD a few times, you dive them if possible and you’re going to have an aggressive support with you. This is the other part, we haven’t really talked about but having something like an Alistar, a Blitzcrank and anything that can really set you up, even a Pyke for example are really good with Mordekaiser, it’s not longer a cheese lane to be honest, Mordekaiser botlane is one of the best botlanes you can play.

Top Lane Tier List

A LOL Tier Champ

Let’s talk about this A tier champion that is in a shining ray of light but not as bright as the S tier picks.


Jhin has come to become a meta pick after being in a bad state for most of the time. He was previously picked during broken metas that only fit him like the lethality meta. Currently, he has been picked again for a similar reason. But this time it is for a “bug” which is the Guinsoo’s rageblade. It is double-stacking on him, said simply, and is giving him an insane amount of AD which makes his crits one-shot almost anyone when his rageblade is completely stacked. Jhin brings a lot into a teamfight, his abilities allow him to catch out of position opponents easily to let his team act on them and pick a kill and then gain dominance while going for an objective like dragons and towers.  We are confident that he’s still a very situational champ right now and not as good as the others suggested. But even without abusing the rageblade “bug”, he is definitely in a better state than he has ever been and can carry your games extremely hard with really good positioning. His strength of dealing damage from a good distance is not easily exploited by the enemy and a good Jhin can almost never get caught by the enemy.


So, the double tear ezreal build that has recently peaked popularity after being picked in MSI makes him a lot better in our opinion, easier and fun to play as well and you don’t have to end the game as fast. Although some games where you don’t perform as well, and fall behind, it will feel really bad because you’ve got even longer stacking on those tears so you don’t get your manamune as fast and you’re not gonna get your Archangels stacked either. As long as you can get a few Klepto procs though, some gold from that and get yourself a manamune early, this build works really well and you’ll have basically your muramana transformed by the time you get Archangels. It makes your Q hit much harder with more AP and AD scaling, and makes it hit harder with your increased mana limit as well. Plus you get a massive shield to protect yourself, there’s always the same issue with Ezreal where you wont scale as hard as other AD Carries. But you’re picking him to get your core items a bit faster, have a good early to mid game and keep up with the others.

Support Tier List

B LOL Tier Champ

Now let’s talk about the midlane champ that is in a fine state to play but could be much more stronger and impactful compared to how he used to be and choices mentioned above are just much easier to cause the same impact with.


Lucian was an overpowered champion for the longest of times and was an extremely meta pick for the same reason. Lucian’s current strength is only his strong laning phase, probably one of the strongest out of all ADCs. His early game harrass is extremely strong and can’t be dueled on till later into the game. Lucian can also maintain his lead till the midgame and setback his opponents until they scale him later. Lucian right now, in his current state would only do well in the hands of experienced Lucian players who know his strengths and weaknesses and how to abuse them.

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Final Words

This was an insight on what are the best ADC champs doing right now, we definitely hope you are able to understand more about the game through this. You should, without a doubt check out our other lane reviews to know about their states. All in all, hope you’re able to gain some additional knowledge on the game through this and it helps you in gaining them wins. Thank you and have a nice day.